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Welcome to Hotel Darsena in Riccione

Unaltered love and commitment since 1967, plus fresh interiors and passion

3 star hotels do not run short in Riccione, that is why it is no easy task for travellers to spot the best solution to suit their needs. 

A glance, looking up from central Viale D'Annunzio avenue, on a walk alongisde the town's harbour, should be more than enough for working out what is awaiting you.

Still, the stylish building might not tell you all about the feature we deem our best, which is the unaltered passion and commitment, paired with renewed enthusiasm, with which the Tura family has always run Hotel Darsena since 1967.

The strong points:

A warm welcome

Our guests are much more to us, they are long-standing friends, as those who try us once are very likely to be back soon.   Our service standards have nothing to do with the nowadays holiday-village type, on the contrary, they are highly custom, to suit individual preferences.


Mums make the best cooks. Edda is the loving kitchen queen of Hotel Darsena. Sometimes we even get a little jealous about sharing her attention with our guests...


A family definitely knows what families need.   For all of us, Edda, Gino, Cinzia and Alessandro – together with new and energetic additions Sofia, Ludovico, Damiano – you will be part of a whole.  An essential and precious part. 

No frills

We would like Riviera Romagnola hotels to comply with the spirit of certain European countries, that is focusing on substance rather than on form.   Yes, no doubt our setting is stylish, yet try us and you will find out there is much more to it

Riccione? Not just a summer destination

Yes, Romagna's Green Pearl is one of the most popular and renowned summer seaside resorts, but there is much more you need to know.   This is why we are proud of opening on special occasions throughout the year, like fairs, swimming competitions and Riccione’s fun Halloween and New Year's Eve celebrations

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Let traditional taste and food tempt you


Do not miss the events held in Riccione and surroundings
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Riviera Romagnola holidays: so much to do and to see