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Together to save the sea turtles

The story of the Alessandra turtle

Our Adriatic Sea is full of beautiful turtles which unfortunately are injured or killed by the hand of man.

We have decided to contribute to the salvation of these beautiful tortoises by adopting Alessandra. Alessandra was found on shore with two very deep helix wounds and the CT scan also revealed a hook in the esophagus.

Now she is sheltered to the Cetacea Foundation in Riccione for the physiotherapy course. After a period of force-feeding, Alessandra now eats independently. Hopefully his rehabilitation will end with complete recovery and return to sea!

The Darsena hotel join to the Blu Booking project for the protection of the sea and sea turtles. We agreed to replace plastic straws with paper ones to help the adoption of a Caretta caretta turtle in troble.

You can also help us to safe the turtles:

  • keep the beach clean and throw your rubbish in the appropriate bins

  • avoid using disposable items, especially plastic

  • do not throw contact lenses, cotton swabs or other objects into the toilet

Together we can help the turtles :)


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